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Window tint has long been one of the first upgrades people do to their cars. Normally, car owners immediately associate window tint with “making your windows darker.” These days however, that’s only part of the benefit, and an optional one at that. The reason for this is that today’s technology has transformed window tint into a a filtering and protection tool more than just a privacy thing. What we mean by filtering is the control of how much UV and IR radiation makes it’s way into your car. Today’s advanced technology has made it so that window film that barely has any tint to it can filter light better than the dark tints of yesterday. That’s right. You no longer need dark tint to achieve high filtering.

At Premier Armor in Corona, California we install XPEL PRIME Window Tint, specifically XPEL PRIME XR PLUS, PRIME XR and PRIME CS window films. The amazing light filtering capabilities of XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window film is something that has to be experienced. We can put it into numbers for you however. This film will filter out 98% of infrared radiation. To give you a better idea, infrared, or IR, is what causes that greenhouse heat buildup inside your car. IR radiation makes it through and continues collecting inside your car’s cabin. This is why it gets MUCH hotter inside your car than it is outside. Imagine how much cooler your vehicle will remain inside if you block most of that IR radiation?

It doesn’t stop there though. IR is what makes your vehicle so hot inside, but it’s UV radiation that cause most of the damage. Combine heat with UV and you have a recipe for disaster. That combination of heat and UV degrades your car’s interior materials at speed. Interior leather gets brittle and begins cracking, interior plastics outgas and become weathered and discolored, and finally, your skin exposed to the sun takes on a lot of damage. We would even say that driving around in your car without XPEL window tint is even worse than going to the beach. At least when you go to the beach you slather on sunblock. But we’re willing to bet your not putting on sunblock for your drive to work. Are you? XPEL PRIME PLUS provides SPF 1000.

The combination of industry-leading UV and IR blocking technology with excellent clarity and great looks makes XPEL PRIME Window Tints installed by Premier Armor in Corona California a must-do enhancement for any vehicle. The tint shade or how dark you want it is truly just optional. You no longer have to go with dark tint to achieve all the benefits of UV and IR filtering — whether or not you like dark tint or whether or not your local laws allow it. Rest assured that Premier Armor is the number one installer of window tint in Corona, CA and nearby Inland Empire areas. We offer the best product, backed by the most experienced installers at truly one-of-kind installation facilities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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XPEL PRIME XR PLUS represents the pinnacle of high-performance window tint. This film uses multilayer nano ceramic-particle technology to offer SFP 1000, 98% blocking of IR radiation and 99% blocking of UV radiation. This is the top of the line window tint designed to outperform all films.

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XPEL PRIME XR offers extreme performance and exceptional quality. This film uses nano ceramic-particle technology to offer SFP 1000, high-filtering of of IR radiation and 99% blocking of UV radiation. This film is the best balance between ultimate performance and value.

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XPEL PRIME CS offers hybrid technology for looks and comfort. This film offers excellent performance when heat-reduction isn’t the priority. It blocks 99% of UV rays with hybrid dyed metal construction. It also provides a lifetime of color-stable, glare-blocking performance.

The Latest Technology in Light and Heat Filtration

The Advantages of Modern Window Tint Film

Better Heat Filtration

By opting for our XPEL PRIME XR Plus automotive window tint you will achieve the greatest heat filtration of any auto window tint film on the market today. The specialized ceramic-based film filters out infrared light which is the main cause of heat build-up inside your car.

Superior UV Protection

Both PRIME CS and PRIME XR Plus window tint film by XPEL filter out 99% of UV radiation. This the the radiation that ages the interior of your car and affects your skin negatively. Our premium window tint offering will not only protect the value of your vehicle, but also your health.

Greater Clarity

Lesser quality window tint film tends to look murky and oftentimes distorted. Our XPEL tint offerings feature greater clarity and zero distortion regardless of the light transmission percentage. This allows for greater safety and increased comfort during day or night driving.

The Advantages of Modern Window Tint Film

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At Premier Armor we thrive on repeat business. Repeat business only happens when you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Our goal is, and has always been, to offer premier service in an industry where this is often not the norm. We go above and beyond all expectations to provide our customers an experience they can cherish, a service they will enjoy for years, and thus the motivation to recommend us to their friends.
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