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1Why paint protection film?

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, helps protect your vehicle’s paint from everyday elements such as: bug acids, stones and gravel at freeway speeds, roads under construction and potholed-ridden streets. All of these hazards threathen to cause irreparable damage to the exposed areas of your vehicle.

You only get one factory finish.

After that, anything else is a respray. Protect that original finish as soon as you can.

2How does PPF protect my paint?

The energy-absorbent properties of our polyurethane film diminishes potential damage to the body of your vehicle. Small dings and dents that can occur while your vehicle is parked will be a thing of the past once your vehicle is protected. The film can also provide a barrier against major scuffs caused by collisions, such as scraping against another car in the parking lot or your garage door!

The film basically absorbs impacts and can heal light abrasions with a bit of heat from the sun.

3Will PPF protect the value of my car?

Paint protection film helps retain the value of your vehicle. Once you are ready to sell or trade-in your vehicle, you can simply remove the film and the paint will look brand new. This immediately provides for a much higher resale value and desirability when compared to cars of similar age without protection installed. Furthermore, since XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film is self-healing, you don’t actually have to remove it to sell the vehicle. It will remain looking like new for many years.

4What about cost?

Quality PPF and installation is not cheap. However, it pays for itself over time. The cost of the film is far less than the cost of maintaining a good-looking paint throughout the years of owning your vehicle. Our protective film will reduce the damage done to your vehicle paint and remove the need for expensive repainting. Our clear protective film will also preserve the luster of a fresh paint job for many years to come.

5Can you tell PPF is on my vehicle?

The recent technological advances in clear protective film have made it virtually invisible. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, for example, comes with a guarantee to stay that way for the length of it's life. This self-healing PPF has a very low surface energy which prevents staining and yellowing. What this all means is that once installed, paint protection film simply looks like a very glossy clear coat of paint. You can opt for matte film if you would like the modern satin paint look.

6Is the film guaranteed to stay clear?

The clear coat on the film employs special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything. Heat from the sun helps accelerate the healing process. The film carries a 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, and hazing. The warranty covers both film and labor in the very unlikely event of a failure. So you can rest assured that both your wallet and your car is protected for years to come!