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Premier Armor provides high-quality paint protection film, window tint, and ceramic coating installation services for vehicles of all sizes in Inland Empire and nearby Southern California Areas.

Our modern and highly secure installation facilities are located in the heart of Inland Empire, in Corona, California.

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Paint Protection Film being Installed on Rocker Panel

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is also known as clear bra. Premier Armor is an award-winning installer of paint protection film and front end clear bras. We guarantee top-tier installation, free of bubbles or stretch marks for long-lasting good looks. Film and labor are both guaranteed.
Newly Protected Dodge Demon at Premier Armor's Facility

Window Tint

Window tint is the staple of all automotive enhancements. However, not all tints are created equal. It takes a perfect balance of skill and the use of premium films to achieve the look, durability, UV rejection, and heat rejection that truly makes a tint job great.
Ford Gets Protection at Premier Armor's Facility

Ceramic Coating

Whether over paint protection film, vinyl wrap, or automotive paint, a ceramic coating is the best way to provide permanent slickness. Our nano-ceramic coatings aid in keeping any surface clean and free of any contaminants that can mar the finish of paint or vinyl.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Excellent5.0 Based on 52 reviews from review us onJoe Paredes ★★★★★ Nick and his team are top notch installers. Award winning company. I have taken at least 5-6 of my vehicles to his company, and his work has exceeded my expectations ! It originally started when he was still doing installations at customers garages! That was my first experience with Nick. Since then he has been my go to guy for the Expel/ tint treatments. He even offered to install a carbon fiber spoiler I ordered from a third party vendor at no extra charge and customize/improve the adhesive for longer term reliability! Highly recommended!Alvin Li (dr0pp3dPack3ts) ★★★★★ Got 20% ceramic window tints on my Tesla. The requested tint was very last minute and they were able to accommodate me which is what I am truly grateful for. Thanks for helping with the last minute request!Kevin Phung ★★★★★ Steve Wasson ★★★★★ Well done. Nick went above and beyond to help me feel safe in applying ppf to my classic headlights.John Walker ★★★★★ Premier Armor is a top notch shop. Staff is friendly, welcoming, and the best in the business. Highly recommended.Mike Johnson ★★★★★ Amazing! Did full stealth PPF am with ceramic coating, full window tint including ceiling and windshield film to protect those rocks….pattye d ★★★★★ Genaro Tavizon ★★★★★ I took my 2020 Range Rover to them. I accidentally went up a curve and scratched and damage my front bumper, which I noticed had ppf n looked for companies around area. Eventually many recommended Premier Armor. I contacted them and was quoted. David took care of me got me right in even moved schedule to work for me. He help me with my dilema. Once I left it Nick reached out and let me know he was able to save my original ppf. I couldn’t believe it, I asked him how much I owed. He said I would never charge a customer for 10 mins of my time when I was able to save it. Once I went to pick up truck, the truck looked perfect. I try to tip them and they wouldn’t take it. I still owe you guys lunch and soon will take another vehicle. Thank you David and nick for blessing me. A+ business and real good people there. Will 100% recommend them.Steve Monroe ★★★★★ Nick and the crew at Premier Armor are excellent! Great value, craftsmanship, and most importantly customer service! It’s the only place I take my vehicles to as well as send family/ friends to. I love my tint and paint protection film. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!Sandra Hornung ★★★★★ Michelle Bodwell ★★★★★ What a top-notch company!! The owner Nick stands behind his work. Premier did a great job on my Tesla and I have recommended them to family & friends.Jim Hilman ★★★★★ I felt like I won the lottery when I found Nick, and used Premier Armor to do his magic on a full wrap and ceramic coating on my new BMW x4 M40i. I thought I was picky… his attention to detail was impressive. Absolutely perfect! I thought my car had WOW-factor before, Nick’s skill sets not only seriously improved on that, but made it “bulletproof” to boot.I highly recommend Nick (and Premier Armor) for their professional approach, talented people, and attention to detail when it’s on display like no other!zoe huse ★★★★★ So happy! The owner Nick was amazing and so involved. They did such a fantastic job highly recommend. There level of service and quality is above and beyond. Very impressedGreg Otta ★★★★★ Great experience. Will definitely recommend to others. Really appreciate the honesty and clarity of the services preformed. Truck looks great.chris calomino ★★★★★ I have had 3 vehicles worked on at premier armor. I’ve done ppf, tint & ceramic coating. The crew is friendly and always answers your questions and concerns. The workmanship and attention to detail is next level. I had one issue where a small corner of the ppf had gotten some dirt and lifted off slightly. Took vehicle in unannounced and they cleaned and fixed the issue on the spot.I would highly recommend taking your car here if your passionate about automobiles and want your passion protected and looking like the day u baught it.Kade L ★★★★★ I brought my Ioniq 5 and my mom’s BMW iX to have PPF installed on our cars. Had a little blip on one of my panels but was able to bring the car in for a panel replacement for free. Nick and his team at Premier Armor were so helpful and professional. The installation process was seamless and the finished product looks great! I highly recommend Premier Armor if you’re looking for quality PPF installation.Arturo Casimiro ★★★★★ Had two Tesla Model Y vehicles fully wrapped, ceramic coated, and tinted with Premier Armor. The attention to detail on the work is top notch. After getting the first vehicle wrapped in clear bra and blown away, I decided to get the second vehicle wrapped in stealth. Can’t go wrong with either choice. I highly recommend Premier Armor for anyone looking to get that extra layer of protection to their vehicle. The experience was great and will definitely keep coming back. You guys have a customer for life. Thank you for always taking good care of me and my vehiclesKraig Strom ★★★★★ The Best of the Best of the Best 👌Jesse L ★★★★★ Nick, Erick, and the team took great care of my new Model X Plaid. I got the full wrap on this vehicle. No paint correction. It turns out that the adhesive part of the wrap fills in most imperfections. I looked at this wrap with an extreme eye for quality and the paint looks perfect. Thank you Nick for your honesty about paint correction before wrap.I couldn’t be happier with the quality of this wrap. All edges tucked. Blacked out trim and handles covered. They even wrapped the 3 trim pieces on the roof of the X.Also had ceramic tint and ceramic coating, all flawless.There are 2 downsides if you want this kind of quality:1. It costs money.2. It takes time.If you have both, I couldn’t imagine a better option in SoCal than Premier Armor.This review was also posted on yelp.Athena Yap ★★★★★ Chris Martin ★★★★★ Owner was a great guy. Very informative and very professional. He is an absolute perfectionist and uses the best materials on the market. Highly recommend for those difficult Tesla back windows.Dave Soloway ★★★★★ Dalton and Scott did a fantastic job applying a clear bra on my new BMW X5. It looks flawless. I had them only do the front half of my car and you can’t tell the difference from the back half, it is seamless. I am so happy with their service. Nick explained everything to me before they got started and they did everything they said they would do. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that wants to preserve their paint job on their car.Allan Campbell ★★★★★ Two years ago I had Nick install paint protection film on my new Porsche. A couple weeks ago I caught a rock to the front hood while driving on the 91 freeway. Looked pretty bad to me and I was very frustrated. I took the car to Premier Armor. Nick took the protection film off and informed me that it had done its job; no damage to the underlying paint. Such a relief. I obviously had them install new protection film on the hood. Very pleased with the product and the top-notch service at Premier Armor.Luis Rodriguez ★★★★★ Go with these pros for your high end coatings and ppfgedo1804 ★★★★★ Nick and his team did a great job on my new Sienna. Nick (owner) is a perfectionist, he didn’t like how one of the window’s tint looked, there was this small defect on the film. So he had his team re-do that window just because of that tiny defect, I probably would’ve never noticed it. Yet, he wasn’t happy until it looked perfect.I totally recommend these guys!Barton Veloso ★★★★★ Jared Guynes ★★★★★ Dev Patel ★★★★★ Great Work! Really recommend to anyone who needs ppf done, this is the place🙌🏾allennice1 ★★★★★ I had been looking for a place to apply paint protection to my STI, somewhere that I felt would treat my car in the best manner possible. I’m beyond happy that I decided on the team at premier armor. They described in great detail everything about the paint protection, since I know nothing about all of that, which I appreciated. Dalton and the rest of the guys were welcoming and did amazing work on the car. Nick even gave me a call when the car was ready, described the care for the car in great detail, all while being away in Nashville at the time. Premier armor has definitely earned my repeat business, I wouldn’t take my vehicles anywhere else.Albert Rodriguez ★★★★★ Nick at Premier Armor did exactly what I request for my mercedes. Nick and his staff are very professional and punctual. I highly recommend Premier Armor. The quality of service is unmatched.Tom Valentic ★★★★★ Awesome Job!!! If i could give more stars to them, i would. This place is fantastic.Nick and his team is second to none. I could not be more pleased with the incredible job they did on my 2006 Mustang Convertible. I had been looking for my vehicle for years and when i found it, i knew i had to protect it. So after my wife did quite a bit of research on Premier Armor, and as part of my Christmas present, she wanted me to get a quote.After bringing my car in for a quote, and them knowing that this was gong to be a weekend car they recommended for the front end, the Full Nose Wrap, and do the rest of the car, the 2 Step Paint Correction and the Ceramic Coating.So i had the above done. Wow!! My car turned our awesome!! I highly recommend the 2 Step Paint Correction. Huge difference. Nick and his team’s attention to detail is fantastic.Highly recommend!Salman Hasib ★★★★★ Ryan Tibbets ★★★★★ Jennifer McRorey ★★★★★ They did an awesome job on my car! Its looks beautiful. Even removed a door ding and covered up the chip! Great work, worth every dime!Doug P ★★★★★ Very honest and great product.Nick did my Raptor and I couldn’t be happier.Stephen Gwinn ★★★★★ Jonathan Mason ★★★★★ Great customer service and Premier quality installations.Abe Carranza ★★★★★ Bruce Baker ★★★★★ Great WorkMatthew McDaniels ★★★★★ They are simply the best at what they do. Nick and his team take so much pride in their work. They did my Miata for me when I had it and I would always get comments on how good the car looked and how well it was taken care of. These comments were all because of the hard work of Nick and his team that they put into every car they work on.Wilmer Hechanova ★★★★★ I called Nick the day I got my Honda Ridgeline and told him I was driving the truck over 800 miles the next day. He treated me like the truck belonged to him and got me in after hours just so my truck would be protected while on my trip! How many times have you been treated like that? Not only that – but I got to his shop in Corona and he acted like I’ve been his friend since high school. Answered all my questions then got to work on my truck. I think he missed eating dinner that night. I left very impressed that here is a guy – Nick, who really cares about his customers and his work. He’s the best. Don’t even call anyone else if you care about your ride. My truck wasn’t expensive or exotic like the other cars he was working on in his shop but it was my truck and he put on the Expel film with perfection and care. That was over 3 years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday because of the experience. The film and my truck still look as good as the day this all happened. Great service, wonderful product, excellent result. My truck has over 50,000 miles on it now. I drive it everywhere and there’s not even one paint chip or anything – this Expel thing does what it’s supposed to and Nick is who you want to get to put it on your car.Al Schwartz ★★★★★ Over the years, we have had two clear bras installed, on a Lexus and a Pathfinder, and ultimately Ceramic coating on the Lexus. All jobs were done to absolute perfection. Nick and his staff are professional, well trained, detail oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Don’t use anyone else.K L ★★★★★ The work done at Premier is absolutely amazing. I don’t hesitate to give them business when I need my cars or even my home worked on! PPF, Tint, Wheel Protection, Window Security, they do it all! 👌🏼Leo J ★★★★★ Had my X3 done in 2015 by Nick. Punctual, personable and great communication. Stands by his work and guarantee. Highly recommended!Gr1p ★★★★★ Nick is absolutely one of the best in the business. The pride he takes in his work is unmatched in my experience. I’m a customer for life.Michael Dobbins ★★★★★ Nick and the entire team at Premier Auto Armor treated my car with as much love and attention as I would if not more. I would highly recommend them for all your XPEL needs.William Walsh ★★★★★ Nick sold me He is the shop to go to. Xpel competitions placed His work up near the best installers. That is what you are paying for. He threw in a lot of extras in the completed job and was super easy to work with.John Haygood ★★★★★ I had to get some XPEL touched up from a mishap in Germany. Nick is the man, great attention to detail, great service. I would recommend Premier to anyone who is interested in protecting their paint from the road hazards.Oscar Torres ★★★★★ Nick and his crew installed the XPEL protection film on my VW GTI which looks great. He explained everything in detail and gave me plenty of feedback on how to clean it. Very reasonable prices as well. Thanks!!Michael Johnson ★★★★★ Honest, thoughtful, professional with Midwest hospitality/vibe, Nick is the best choice for clear bra installation in SoCal. He did our 2017 Audi A4 and it looks great! Can’t even notice the Xpel on the car. He has the best price around too. His full front package includes a lot of extras, like door edges, door handle cups, for less than the competition. Nick does the job right, he is a perfectionist like me so I know how much attention to detail goes into each job he does. Highly recommend Premier Auto Armor.Todd ★★★★★ Nick with Premier Auto Armor just did Amazing work on my new Z06 with the clear (Invisible) bra and ceramic coating. His attention to detail and superb work ethic is evident with the results on my new Corvette! Thank you Nick. My new Z06 is now protected with the highest quality product and completed by the best in the industry! It looks better than when I bought it from the showroom!Very highly recommended.Boris KOUKA ★★★★★ js_loader